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Using Canva for Social Media Visuals, Videos and Infographics for Business

Code: ED24A12
Type: IT InstructorLed Courses
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Date: 15 May 2024 08:15 - 22 May 2024 16:00

In this course participants will learn how to use Canva. Canva is an online graphic tool that is used to create designs for various categories. This course starts with an introduction to Canva and exploration of Canva Dashboard. Then learners will gain hands on skills for the creation of animated videos, social media visuals (Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, YouTube Thumbnail, YouTube Channel Art, Instagram Posts) for the business and infographics. Infographics are used to visually share complex numeric or written information in one glance.

Duration: 14 hours
Location: Webinar by EDITC
Language: Greek
Attendance: 6-16

Price: €430.00
Subsidy: €280.00
Total: €150.00

Unit 1: Getting Started with CANVA
1. Introduction to Canva
2. Exploration of Canva dashboard
3. Using Home, Projects, Templates, Brand Hub and Apps
4. The Projects Tab: Getting started

Unit 2: Creating simple videos in CANVA
1. Design video pages using drawing elements in Canva
2. Create & design 4 pages for video
3. Create & design final page for the video
4. Preview & download the video
Project: Explaining Service
Process with a Video

Unit 3: Use Canva to Create Social Media Visuals for Business
1. Create Facebook Cover and prepare for publishing.
2. Create Facebook Post
3. Prepare Facebook Post for Publishing.
4. Create YouTube Thumbnail and prepare for publishing.
5. Create YouTube Channel Art
6. Add Social Media links to YouTube Channel Art and Prepare it for Publishing.
7. Create Instagram Post and prepare for publishing.
8. Create Twitter Header and prepare for publishing.
Project: 3 Social Media Post for Promoting a Service

Unit 4: Create Animated Social Media Posts using Canva
1. Project set up.
2. Implement shapes and backgrounds.
3. Use the text tool to enhance the design.
4. Add animated elements.
5. Add animated graphics and publication.
Project: Animated Post for Facebook

Unit 5: Creating Infographics
1. Outline your goals of creating an infographic
2. Choose the best type of infographic
3. Insert and format text in your infographic
4. Insert and format elements in your infographic
5. Finalize and share your infographic
Project: Creating an Infographic for the Business Strategy and Embedding it in PowerPoint

Who Should Attend

Professionals from any sector who wish to learn how to create visuals, videos and infographics either for promotional purposes or to improve their presentations.


In today’s business environment, visuals pose an important role in sharing information, such as posts, Videos and Infographics either shared in Social Media for promoting products/services or embedded in PowerPoint presentations to express ideas and numbers in a more visual way.
Without the need for design skills, software such as Canva allow professionals to be creating and improve their Social Media communication, and presentations. By the end of this course, learners will be able to create amazing animated videos from the scratch using the Canva Platform and will also learn how they can use different sections like text, images, elements, videos, and audio present on the Canva's dashboard to create their designs. Participants will also create 5 social media visuals(Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, YouTube Thumbnail,  YouTube Channel Art, Instagram Post) for their business. These visuals are shareable across other social media channels. Finally, this course will teach the learner how to create an infographic, step by step which can be embedded in their presentations.


The learning objectives of this course are:

* Enlist and describe the capabilities of the CANVA online tool

* Describe the elements of CANVA dashboard

* Use Design tools

* Apply animations

* Create and download Videos

* Design Posts for Social Media

* Create Infographics

* Prepare elements for publishing

* Adopt CANVA for the creation of social media posts, videos and infographics


Τετάρτη 15/5/2024 8.15 - 16.00
Τετάρτη 22/5/2024 8.15 - 16.00

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